About Us

About Us

Established in March 2019, Cognizance Chess Academy stands as a beacon of commitment towards the dynamic growth of chess. Founded with a strategic vision, our academy is dedicated to, conducting professional coaching classes, organizing high-caliber tournaments and orchestrating meticulously coordinated chess camps at regular intervals throughout the expansive geography of the state of Kerala.

Mission and Objectives: At the core of our mission lies the objective to afford chess enthusiasts enhanced exposure to the game, recognizing its pivotal role in player development. True learning, we believe, comes to fruition when players have the opportunity to apply their skills in diverse game scenarios, thus enriching their knowledge base. Through a strategic calendar of tournaments, coaching classes, and camps—especially designed for children—we aim to instill a profound interest in the game, providing participants with a robust foundation. Engaging with experienced players in these forums facilitates the augmentation of knowledge and skills, contributing to the continuous growth of each participant.

The Significance of Learning Chess: Dubbed the "King of board games," chess is a cognitive powerhouse, offering a plethora of advantages. It serves to improve concentration, memory, IQ, and problem-solving skills, providing a comprehensive workout for both hemispheres of the brain. From a social perspective, we observe chess contributing significantly to personality development when approached with the right methodology. Children, in particular, display enhanced independence in their thinking and decision-making skills, with academic performance consistently exceeding averages. As parents, we recognize that the diligence and practice invested in chess impart valuable life skills, applicable beyond the game itself. The ethos of perseverance, inherent in chess's "move-on" concept, equips individuals to navigate life's challenges positively, fostering resilience in the face of victories and defeats alike.

Benefits for Elders: For our elder participants, chess serves as a cognitive stimulant, offering an engaging pursuit that aids in keeping the mind active and potentially warding off diseases such as Alzheimer's. Our Impactful Initiatives:.In alignment with our unwavering commitment to expanding the reach and impact of chess, Cognizance Chess Academy has been at the forefront of introducing innovative tournament formats tailored to diverse age groups, with a particular emphasis on nurturing young talent. Our distinguished portfolio boasts upteen number of meticulously organized events to date, spanning district, state, and international FIDE-rated competitions. Noteworthy among our accomplishments is the distinction of hosting the largest Smart Girl FIDE-rated event in India, a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and excellence. Additionally, we take pride in organizing one of the most prominent FIDE-rated events in Kerala – the Byjus Starwarz Open Fide at LULU MALL, Cochin, and the Byjus Starwarz below 1600 rating event at Centre Square Mall in Cochin, offering a substantial prize fund of 20 lacs. We are organizing events at our academy every week to provide on the board experience for our kids and help them play with love for game and without the fear of loss, and with the aim to learn from each game.

VISION: Elevating Chess Excellence and Community Unity

Founded in March 2019, Cognizance Chess Academy was conceived with a strategic vision aimed at making a substantial contribution to the advancement of chess. Our core principles are anchored in the meticulous organization of distinguished tournaments, the delivery of professional coaching classes, and the seamless coordination of well-structured chess camps. These initiatives span the entirety of the state of Kerala. Going beyond individual development, our overarching vision aspires to establish a preeminent hub for chess activities within the dynamic city of Cochin. This ambitious undertaking breaks free from conventional boundaries, aspiring to cultivate a thriving community that transcends backgrounds and status. At Cognizance Chess Academy, our mission extends far beyond the realms of chess education. We are committed to forging a dynamic and inclusive chess community in the heart of Cochin. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of chess, as it unites enthusiasts in a vibrant and collaborative environment. Join us on this journey to not only elevate chess excellence but also to foster unity within our community.

MISSION: Fostering Chess Excellence and Community Hub Development

At Cognizance Chess Academy, our central mission revolves around providing chess enthusiasts with heightened exposure to the game, recognizing its instrumental role in player development. We firmly believe that the essence of learning materializes when players have the opportunity to seamlessly apply acquired skills across a diverse array of games, thereby enriching their knowledge base. To fulfill this objective, we are committed to organizing an extensive array of tournaments, classes, and camps, particularly tailored for young minds. This strategic initiative aims to cultivate a profound interest in the game, offering participants a robust foundation. Actively engaging with experienced players during these events serves as a catalyst for the enhancement of knowledge and skills. Participation in tournaments, coupled with analytical sessions, ensures a continuum of growth—the quintessential component of the learning process. Beyond individual development, our ultimate vision is to establish a prominent hub for chess activities in Cochin. This initiative transcends conventional boundaries, fostering a thriving community irrespective of any differences. Be with us at Cognizance Chess Academy, where our mission extends beyond chess education to creating a vibrant and inclusive chess community in the heart of Kerala. We wish to provide financial aid to chess players facing financial challenges within our community. One of our goals is to support those in need and contribute to the development of our local chess scene. By providing assistance, we can empower talented players to focus on their game without worrying about financial constraints. Together, we can foster a more inclusive and thriving chess community."

ACTION: Pioneering Excellence in Chess Engagement

At our esteemed academy, we meticulously organize events every week, offering a platform for our young participants to gain invaluable on-the-board experience. Our objective is to cultivate a genuine love for the game, creating an environment where the fear of loss is replaced by a constructive desire to learn from each match. Through these weekly engagements, we aspire to instill not only a passion for chess but also a mindset geared towards continuous improvement and strategic mastery.Our regular events, ensure an ongoing chess engagement for enthusiasts. . In this journey of chess excellence, every move is an opportunity for growth and understanding. Furthermore, we extend our support to the chess community by offering access to our well-equipped chess library, fostering a conducive environment for learning and skill development, especially for our young participants. My action plan involves launching a tailored financial support program for chess players, establishing transparent procedures for application and distribution. Additionally, we will collaborate closely with local chess associations, leveraging their networks to identify and assist talented players in need, fostering a dynamic and inclusive chess environment. In a bid to further contribute to the chess ecosystem, our academy opens its doors to chess enthusiasts for the organization of small chess events or practice sessions within our premises, for a nominal fee. This initiative is aimed at promoting community engagement and facilitating a space for collaborative learning and friendly competition. Join us at Cognizance Chess Academy, where our commitment to excellence extends beyond events to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all chess enthusiasts.


Subha Rakesh,She is a Member of National Arbiter's Commission of AICF and is the Former President Of Ernakulam Chess Association (2019-2022) and served as Assistant Manager In State Bank Of Travancore(2000-2008).She was holding the postion of State Chairperson of Chess in school (CAK) prestigious project of AICF(2021-2022).She is a Certified Vedic Maths Professional from Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus (IIVA). She has obtained FIDE Arbiter Title from World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the first woman to get the title in Ernakulam District and second in Kerala State. She previously worked as Assistant Manager in State Bank of India.