VISION: Elevating Chess Excellence and Community Unity

Founded in March 2019, Cognizance Chess Academy was conceived with a strategic vision aimed at making a substantial contribution to the advancement of chess. Our core principles are anchored in the meticulous organization of distinguished tournaments, the delivery of professional coaching classes, and the seamless coordination of well-structured chess camps. These initiatives span the entirety of the state of Kerala. Going beyond individual development, our overarching vision aspires to establish a preeminent hub for chess activities within the dynamic city of Cochin. This ambitious undertaking breaks free from conventional boundaries, aspiring to cultivate a thriving community that transcends backgrounds and status. At Cognizance Chess Academy, our mission extends far beyond the realms of chess education.

We are committed to forging a dynamic and inclusive chess community in the heart of Cochin. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of chess, as it unites enthusiasts in a vibrant and collaborative environment. Join us on this journey to not only elevate chess excellence but also to foster unity within our community.