Subha Rakesh

Subha Rakesh,She is a Member of National Arbiter's Commission of AICF and is the Former President Of Ernakulam Chess Association (2019-2022) and served as Assistant Manager In State Bank Of Travancore(2000-2008).She was holding the postion of State Chairperson of Chess in school (CAK) prestigious project of AICF(2021-2022).She is a Certified Vedic Maths Professional from Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus (IIVA). She has obtained FIDE Arbiter Title from World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the first woman to get the title in Ernakulam District and second in Kerala State. She previously worked as Assistant Manager in State Bank of India.

QUALIFICATIONS: Elevating Expertise Across Disciplines

Subha Rakesh, a distinguished individual with a multifaceted skill set, boasts a spectrum of qualifications that reflect her commitment to excellence and continuous learning. Her extensive qualifications include:
  • • FIDE Arbiter: Demonstrating expertise in overseeing chess competitions at the highest level

  • • FIDE Online/Hybrid Arbiter (Basic and Advanced): Proficient in managing and arbitrating online and hybrid chess events.
  • • Certified Basic Trainer for Chess in Schools (AICF): Endorsed by the All India Chess Federation, specializing in foundational chess training for educational institutions.
  • • Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach Practitioner (IAPCCT): Equipped with advanced skills in emotional intelligence coaching, contributing to holistic personal development.
  • • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (International Coaching Federation): Recognized proficiency in emotional intelligence coaching, aligning with international coaching standards.
  • • Licensed Emotional Intelligence Trainer (IAPCCT): Authorized to deliver comprehensive emotional intelligence training programs.
  • • Licensed Behavioural Trainer (IAPCCT): Certified to conduct behavioral training programs, enhancing interpersonal skills.
    • Certified Mindfulness Coach: Trained to guide individuals in mindfulness practices for improved focus and mental well-being.

    • Diploma in Psychological Counselling and Guidance (Kerala Speech Foundation): Grounded in psychological counseling principles, offering support and guidance.
    • Certificate in Neuroscience Coaching: Acquired knowledge in neuroscience coaching methodologies for effective learning and personal development.
    • Certified Life Coach, Corporate Trainer & Facilitator, Train the Trainer, Practitioner Coach, Executive Coach, Soft Skill Trainer (ProTouch Accredited by HRCI, SHRM, CPD): Acknowledged expertise in diverse coaching and training domains, recognized by reputable international accreditation bodies.
    • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Blue Ocean Academy, Dubai): Proficient in Lean Six Sigma methodologies for process improvement and efficiency.
    • JAIIB (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance): Successfully completed the Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, demonstrating proficiency in banking principles.
    • DBM (ICFAI): Possesses a Diploma in Business Management from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India.
    • Certified Vedic Maths Professional (Indian Institute of Vedic Maths and Abacus): Accredited as a Vedic Maths Professional, contributing to advanced mathematical techniques.
    • Post Graduate in Mathematics (Calicut University): Holds a postgraduate degree in mathematics from Calicut University, showcasing a strong academic foundation.
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    Subha Rakesh's diverse qualifications underscore her dedication to continuous learning and proficiency across various disciplines, positioning her as a versatile and knowledgeable professional.

    POSITIONS: A Trailblazing Journey of Leadership and Contribution

    Subha Rakesh, a seasoned professional and chess enthusiast, has held distinguished positions across various domains, reflecting her commitment to the chess community and personal development. Her notable positions include:

    • Member of National Arbiters Commission of All India Chess Federation: Acknowledged for expertise and contribution to the national chess community as a member of the prestigious National Arbiters Commission.
    • Trainer in National Organizer Training Team of All India Chess Federation: Recognized as a key contributor to the development of chess organizers, imparting knowledge and skills as a trainer in the National Organizer Training Team.
    • Vice President Public Relations in Queen City Toastmasters Club: Assumes a leadership role in fostering effective communication and public relations within the Queen City Toastmasters Club.
    • Organizer of FIDE Rated Chess Tournaments and Chess Tournaments at District and State Levels: Demonstrates a proactive role in organizing high-level FIDE-rated chess tournaments and local competitions, contributing to the growth of the sport at various levels.
    • Former Kerala State Chairman of Chess in School Project of All India Chess Federation (2020-2022): Served as the esteemed chairman, steering the Chess in School Project in the state of Kerala, aligning with the objectives of the All India Chess Federation.
    • Former President of Ernakulam Chess Association (2019-2022): Guided the chess community as the President of the Ernakulam Chess Association, fostering development and collaboration within the region.
    • Former Assistant Manager in State Bank of Travancore (2000-2008): Brings valuable financial and managerial experience from a distinguished tenure as an Assistant Manager in the State Bank of Travancore.
    • Vedic Maths Tutor in Rajagiri Public School, Cochin: Contributes to educational enrichment by serving as a Vedic Maths Tutor at Rajagiri Public School, imparting advanced mathematical techniques.
    • Online Vedic Maths Tutor: Extends educational support beyond physical boundaries, offering online Vedic Maths tutoring, making learning accessible to a wider audience.

    Subha Rakesh's array of positions underscores her dedication to leadership, education, and community development, making a significant impact on the chess landscape and beyond. Her multifaceted roles showcase a passion for both chess and holistic personal growth.

    EXPERIENCE IN CHESS: Navigating the Chess Landscape with Expertise

    Subha Rakesh's journey in the realm of chess has been marked by an impressive array of roles and responsibilities, showcasing her expertise as an arbiter and organizer. Her notable experiences include:

    • Match Arbiter in 44th FIDE World Chess Olympiad 2022 (Open): Played a pivotal role as a Match Arbiter in one of the prestigious events on the global chess calendar.
    • Assistant Arbiter in Olympiad Curtain Raiser Rapid Rating Chess Tournament-2022: Contributed as an Assistant Arbiter in the curtain-raiser event for the Olympiad, ensuring the smooth conduct of the rapid rating chess tournament.
    • Anticheating Arbiter in Olympiad Curtain Raiser Rapid Rating Chess Tournament-2022: Undertook the critical role of Anticheating Arbiter, upholding the integrity of the game in the Olympiad Curtain Raiser Rapid Rating Chess Tournament.
    • Chief Arbiter in National Junior Online Girls Championship 2021: Led as the Chief Arbiter in a national championship, overseeing the competitive spirit of young female chess players.
    • Arbiter in Asian Amateur Online Chess Championship 2021 (Organised by Oman Chess Federation): Contributed as an Arbiter in an international event, organized by the Oman Chess Federation, showcasing global collaboration.
    • Arbiter in Various National Online Open & Girls Chess Championships 2021: Demonstrated expertise in arbitrating at the national level, ensuring fair play and adherence to regulations.
    • Deputy Chief Arbiter in Smart Girls FIDE Chess Tournament 2019 in Kerala: Undertook the role of Deputy Chief Arbiter in a significant FIDE-rated tournament, promoting chess among young female players.
    • Deputy Chief Arbiter in 57th Kerala State Seniors FIDE Rated Chess Tournament 2019: Assumed a leadership role as Deputy Chief Arbiter in a state-level seniors' FIDE-rated tournament.
    • Arbiter in 30th National Under 17 Open Chess Championship 2019: Played a key role as an Arbiter in a national-level tournament, contributing to the success of the event.
    • Arbiter in 30th National Under 17 Girls Chess Championship 2019: Ensured fair play and compliance with regulations as an Arbiter in the National Under 17 Girls Chess Championship.
    • Arbiter in 10 FIDE Rated Chess Tournaments from 2018: Garnered extensive experience as an Arbiter in various FIDE-rated tournaments, showcasing a consistent commitment to chess arbitration.
    • Chief Arbiter in Various District and State Online and Offline Chess Tournaments from 2018: Led as the Chief Arbiter in a series of district and state-level chess tournaments, contributing to the growth of chess at the grassroots level.
    • Event Chair & Chief Arbiter in The Royal Gambit Season 1 - 2023: Took on the responsibilities of Event Chair and Chief Arbiter in the biggest school students' chess tournament, conducted by Rotary Cochin Royals and Rajagiri Public School Kalamassery.
    • Event Chair & Chief Arbiter in Rotary SmartMove International Online Chess Tournament 2021 & 2022: Organized and led international online chess tournaments, showcasing organizational and arbitral expertise.
    • Event Chair & Chief Arbiter in Rotary SmartMove Offline Chess Tournament 2022 (Conducted by Rotary Smart City): Successfully organized and arbitrated an offline chess tournament conducted by Rotary Smart City.
    • Organized Smart Girl FIDE Rated Chess Tournament 2021 in Kerala: Pioneered the organization of the biggest-ever Smart Girl FIDE Rated Chess Tournament in Kerala, promoting female participation in chess.
    • Organized BYJUS 1st Starwarz Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament 2022: Spearheaded the organization of the biggest prize money open tournament in Kerala, the BYJUS 1st Starwarz Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament.
    • Organized BYJUS 2nd Starwarz Below 1600 FIDE Rated Chess Tournament 2022: Successfully organized the biggest prize money below 1600 FIDE rated chess tournament in Kerala, the BYJUS 2nd Starwarz event.
    • Organized Various District and State Online and Offline Chess Tournaments from 2018: Demonstrated a consistent commitment to organizing diverse chess tournaments, both online and offline, contributing to the chess community.
    • Well Versed in Handling Tornelo Online Chess Platform and Lichess and Online Platforms: Exhibits proficiency in managing various online chess platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.

    Subha Rakesh's extensive experience in chess spans across a spectrum of roles, showcasing her dedication to the development and promotion of chess at local, national, and international levels. Her contributions as an arbiter, organizer, and event chair underscore her commitment to the thriving chess community.

    OTHER EXPERIENCE: Beyond Chess Mastery, Contributions to Education and Leadership

    Subha Rakesh's multifaceted expertise extends beyond the chessboard, encompassing a range of experiences and contributions that underscore her commitment to education, leadership, and philanthropy:

    • Hosts Free Webinars Regularly on Vedic Maths, Logical Reasoning, and Mental Ability Topics: Demonstrates a passion for education by regularly hosting free webinars on subjects like Vedic Maths, Logical Reasoning, and Mental Ability, providing valuable insights to participants.
    • Regular Speaker in Toastmasters Club: Actively engages as a regular speaker in Toastmasters Club, honing communication and leadership skills while contributing to a supportive learning environment.
    • Speaker in Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) Conference, Dubai 2020: Shared insights and expertise as a speaker at the Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) Conference in Dubai in 2020, contributing to discussions on women's leadership development.
    • Speaker in Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) Virtual Conference 2021: Continued active participation as a speaker in the virtual edition of the Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) Conference in 2021, reaching a global audience.
    • Speaker in Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) 4, Virtual Conference 2023: Served as a speaker in the fourth edition of the Blue Ocean Women Leadership Development (BOWLD) Virtual Conference in 2023, sharing valuable perspectives on leadership development.
    • Involved with Several Philanthropic Activities and Helps Underprivileged Students Get a Better Chance in Life: Demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility by actively engaging in philanthropic activities, specifically supporting underprivileged students to provide them with improved opportunities in life.
    Subha Rakesh's diverse experiences beyond the chess arena highlight her dedication to continuous learning, leadership development, and making a positive impact in the community. Through her participation in conferences, leadership forums, and philanthropic endeavors, she contributes to the betterment of individuals and communities at large.

    MEMBERSHIPS: Engaging in Diverse Networks for Professional Growth

    Subha Rakesh's commitment to professional development and community engagement is reflected in her active memberships across various esteemed organizations:

    • Member of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF): As a member of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Subha Rakesh aligns herself with a prestigious institution dedicated to advancing banking and financial education. This membership underscores her commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and best practices.
    • Member of QueenCity Toastmasters Club: Embracing the spirit of continuous learning and effective communication, Subha Rakesh is a proud member of the Queen City Toastmasters Club. This membership serves as a platform for honing public speaking and leadership skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.
    • Member of Rotary Cochin Royals: Subha Rakesh actively contributes to community service and leadership through her membership in the Rotary Cochin Royals. This affiliation exemplifies her dedication to philanthropy and making a positive impact on society.
    These memberships not only signify Subha Rakesh's professional affiliations but also highlight her commitment to personal and professional growth, collaboration, and community service. Through active participation in these diverse networks, she continues to contribute meaningfully to various spheres of his professional and community life.