The beauty of chess is that it reflects life in many ways. It
    teaches you how to deal with pressure, make difficult decisions,
    and think strategically..-Viswanathan Anand


    “You need to have that edge, you need to have that confidence,
    you need to have that absolute belief that you’re the best and
    that you’ll win every time.” — Magnus Carlsen

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About Us

Established in March 2019, Cognizance Chess Academy stands as a beacon of commitment towards the dynamic growth of chess. Founded with a strategic vision, our academy is dedicated to, conducting professional coaching classes, organizing high-caliber tournaments and orchestrating meticulously coordinated chess camps at regular intervals throughout the expansive geography of the state of Kerala.

Mission and Objectives: At the core of our mission lies the objective to afford chess enthusiasts enhanced exposure to the game, recognizing its pivotal role in player development. True learning, we believe, comes to fruition when players have the opportunity to apply their skills in diverse game scenarios, thus enriching their knowledge base. Through a strategic calendar of tournaments, coaching classes, and camps—especially designed for children—we aim to instill a profound interest in the game, providing participants with a robust foundation. Engaging with experienced players in these forums facilitates the augmentation of knowledge and skills, contributing to the continuous growth of each participant.



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